Our Story

Scott Goble speaking to a group of small business owners in Nashville, TN
Scott Goble speaking to a group of small business owners in Nashville, TN

Our firm was initially founded to provide accounting and tax services to the small business community in the Chattanooga metro area. Because we specialized in business accounting and tax, we did not handle many individual tax cases during our first years in practice. However, we quickly learned that many of our neighbors were facing financial devastation because of significant tax debt created by simple planning missteps. What we discovered is that most people, as well as most “financial professionals” and advisors, do not understand the tax implications of life’s major decisions and events such as marriage, divorce, re-marriage, buying a home, selling a home, investing, retirement, and death. As more and more people came to us asking for help, we quickly discovered that the failure to consider the tax implications of financial, investment, and retirement decisions can be ruinous.

Far too often, people came to us asking for help because they owed tens of thousands of dollars in taxes after improperly rolling over their retirement funds or taking an ill-advised withdrawal from their IRA, 401(k), or similar retirement account. To make matters worse, we learned that many of the people with large tax bills had those bills because of advice provided by a trusted financial advisor!

Beginning in 2014, our managing partner, Scott Goble, decided to combat the rampant spread of inaccurate and potentially disastrous financial advice being dispensed in the Chattanooga area by expanding our tax preparation practice to include individual income taxes. He also began offering an additional service to individuals that combines tax and financial planning.

Scott Goble giving advice to a caller on FM 102.3 - the Talk Monster
Scott Goble giving advice to a caller on FM 102.3 – the Talk Monster

The wisdom of combining financial and tax advice is obvious. Taxes are one of the largest expenses an American family faces with combined state and federal rates as high as 45.6%! With almost HALF of your money on the line for taxes, how can anyone ignore the tax consequences of a proposed financial plan? Yet most people offering financial planning services state that they cannot give tax advice. As a licensed Certified Public Accountant who also holds a securities license and an insurance license, Mr. Goble is able to fill the tax gap that exists in most financial plans.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 our firm grew rapidly on the strength of our tax and financial planning services and in September 2015 our firm underwent a major expansion with the purchase of the historic First General Store building in downtown Chickamauga. The First General Store building was constructed in 1889 and was the first commercial brick building in this part of Georgia. The office is conveniently located about 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga and is within easy walking distance of many great shops and restaurants.

One important feature of our office is the dedicated training center. The training center is important because it allows us to offer educational workshops to the community. Most workshops are free to the community and cover a broad range of topics including tax planning and small business accounting. One thing we like to stress about our workshops is that they are designed to educate, not to sell. We do not recommend or offer any financial products during our workshops.

May 2016 we experienced another major expansion with the acquisition of Robinson Bookkeeping in Ft Oglethorpe, Georgia. This new acquisition has allowed us to further expand our individual income tax offering by increasing our tax preparation capacity both in terms of manpower and facilities.

It’s been a wild and difficult journey to reach this point. Today, we have more employees than we had clients during our first year in practice. So far, we’ve been able to help over 1,700 families minimize their taxes and realize their financial objectives – and our story is still being written.